Incrediwear Canada Elbow Sleeve
Incrediwear Canada Elbow Sleeve
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Incrediwear Canada Elbow Sleeve

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The concentration of natural circulation enhancing elements in the Incrediwear Elbow Sleeve are meant to stimulate the cellular walls, which promote the alleviation of pain caused by joint pain, sports injuries, sprains, and tired & aching muscles.

Professional athletes can benefit from the Incrediwear Elbow Sleeve by wearing during workouts or during gameplay. Since the focus of the Elbow Sleeve is targeted to the joint, baseball players, tennis players, basketball players, and football players have benefited from using this Incrediwear product.

The Incrediwear Elbow Sleeve is not a compression product, nor is the Elbow Sleeve embedded with copper. Incrediwear uses a different combination of natural elements that are embedded into the fabric fibers of all Incrediwear Active Recovery Wear products. These elements can be seen on Incrediwear product pages or on the Incrediwear product packaging. By far, Incrediwear has seen more positive results to alleviating pain and muscle fatigue with this combination of elements than most leading similar products.

Many people have noticed a difference right away when wearing the Incrediwear Elbow Sleeve; however, Incrediwear has measured the average time for feeling the difference in pain alleviation is approximately 20 to 30 minutes. The Incrediwear Elbow Sleeve comes in two sizes, which fit most adults comfortably. The Incrediwear Elbow Sleeve is recommended by medical professionals, professional athletes & trainers, and active people everywhere.


Elbow Sleeve Size (Measure Around Bicep)


9-14 in / 25 - 35cm


11-14 in / 27 - 35cm


14-20 in / 35 - 51cm


Wear as needed for comfort and relief. Incrediwear Active Wear can be worn 24/7. For maximum benefit wear when sleeping.


Incrediwear Elbow Sleeves are easy to clean. Wash warm or cold, tumble dry low. Do not bleach, iron or dry clean.


Elbow Sleeve (S/M): 41% Nylon (Germanium Embedded), 27% Cotton (Germanium Embedded), 26% Polyester (Carbon Embedded), 6% Spandex

Elbow Sleeve (L): 32% Nylon (Germanium Embedded), 34% Polyester (Carbon Embedded), 27% Cotton (Germanium Embedded), 7% Spandex

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