BR Pro Mesh Tendon Boots
BR Equestrian

BR Pro Mesh Tendon Boots

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  • Outer layer of breathable Pro Mesh BASF® TPU Material.
  • Bacteria resistant, perforated polyolefin foam lining that absorbs shocks, is waterproof, breathable, durable and has good anti-slip properties for both wet and dry conditions.
  • Extra hard strike guard for extra protection and has strong Velcro closures with double elastic and special compartments to cut the Velcro to the right size.
  • The boot fits perfectly to the leg, because of the flexible Pro Mesh material.
         Size S: 2 Velcro closures - Pony/Cob front legs
         Size M: 2 Velcro closures - Pony/Cob hind legs/ Full front              
         Size L: 2 Velcro closures - Full hind legs/ E.Full front legs
         Size XL: 2 Velcro closures - E.Full hind legs

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